Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kawai Aquarius Custom

Aquarius Custom
This my Aquarius, my first guitar bought in 1982 and still in use after some times in guitar limbos... It's a AQ-450 model originally in "Lake Placid Blue" with a vintage trem and two humbuckers - splitable with a push-pull knob.

As you can see on the lower picture, I first customized it with rough golden paisley pattern (my short-lived Prince phase). Later it stayed in its box for a long time until I reactivated it, fixed it, sanded it, replaced the pickguard with an aluminium one and put baritone strings, now I use it in various open tunings, it gets me quite interesting sounds.
Aquarius Paisley


  1. To be fair, there was paisley -before- Prince and I'm sure it will live on. Excellent custom work and more interesting than the dentist office coffee table finish it came with stock. Well DONE I'd say!

  2. That's a great shape! I've not come across this guitar before...
    The narrow-waist and deep lower horn works very well, and this is certainly one of the best variations of a Fender headstock I've seen.
    The natural finish on the body shows of the curves, and the pickguard has a classic Music Man feel to it - sweet!

  3. I I have a working 100% look : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdIBEwWKwl8