Friday, February 1, 2013

Stuart's Aquarius in Cellophane Red finish

I hadn't post anything here for 2 years when I found the article I mentioned in the previous post - and I noticed only today that I had started to write about this impressive Cellophane Red Aquarius AQ600 STR (STR stands for See Through Red) that a reader kindly sent me, then completely forgot about it!

This is what Stuart Lawrence writes:
I do not have much of a story - I bought it as a back up guitar about 6/7 years ago. I had it set up at Mansons Exeter and the tech guys laughed when they saw it! BUT when I picked it up after having a new nut fitted and the guitar serviced and set up they had to say it was a great guitar.

Since then I have gigged it, used it for slide, let my daughter learn on it, and its still a great player. The all red effect certainly generates interest!

The guy I bought it from reckons he saw an identical guitar being used by
Dexys Midnight Runners on Top of the Pops - but I have never seen the clip and not seen one like it on YouTube - it's a bit of a mystery...
I don't really know much about the Cellophane Red finish but I saw it on several Japanese strat-like guitars from the 1970s (see here for extra info) and it's quite special - it's not so often that you have paint job extended to the fretboard... I must say that it's really beautiful!

Thanks to Stuart and sorry for the delay!

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